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1st 00:34COLHitKyle Quincey hit Devin Setoguchi
1st 00:45COLHitKyle Quincey hit Devin Setoguchi
1st 01:01SJSHitRob Blake hit Matt Duchene
1st 01:10COLGoalKyle Cumiskey (1) Slap Shot, assists: none
1st 01:48SJSShotScott Nichol Wrist Shot
1st 01:59SJSHitScott Nichol hit Adam Foote
1st 02:04SJSHitScott Nichol hit Adam Foote
1st 02:40SJSHitJoe Pavelski hit Kyle Quincey
1st 02:41SJSShotDevin Setoguchi Tip-In
1st 02:50SJSShotJoe Pavelski Backhand
1st 03:04COLHitTJ Galiardi hit Devin Setoguchi
1st 03:41SJSHitDany Heatley hit Adam Foote
1st 04:43COLHitMatt Hendricks hit Douglas Murray
1st 04:59COLHitDarcy Tucker hit Scott Nichol
1st 05:00COLHitKyle Quincey hit Scott Nichol
1st 05:07SJSHitDouglas Murray hit Matt Hendricks
1st 05:17SJSPenaltyJoe Pavelski Interference against Darcy Tucker
1st 05:35COLHitPaul Stastny hit Marc-Edouard Vlasic
1st 06:18COLShotMatt Duchene Backhand
1st 06:19COLShotPaul Stastny Slap Shot
1st 06:41COLShotTJ Galiardi Wrist Shot
1st 07:06SJSHitDouglas Murray hit TJ Galiardi
1st 07:06SJSHitDan Boyle hit Darcy Tucker
1st 07:07COLPenaltyKyle Cumiskey Holding against Torrey Mitchell
1st 08:35SJSShotDany Heatley Snap Shot
1st 08:57SJSShotPatrick Marleau Slap Shot
1st 09:27SJSHitDevin Setoguchi hit Ryan Wilson
1st 10:02SJSShotScott Nichol Wrist Shot
1st 11:00COLPenaltyAdam Foote Interference against Logan Couture
1st 11:22COLShotKyle Quincey Backhand
1st 12:35SJSShotPatrick Marleau Tip-In
1st 12:38SJSShotDan Boyle Wrist Shot
1st 12:54SJSShotJoe Thornton Wrist Shot
1st 13:15SJSShotRyane Clowe Wrist Shot
1st 13:19SJSShotMarc-Edouard Vlasic Slap Shot
1st 13:56COLHitMatt Duchene hit Joe Pavelski
1st 14:00SJSShotDevin Setoguchi Snap Shot
1st 14:17SJSHitPatrick Marleau hit Scott Hannan
1st 15:02COLHitStephane Yelle hit Kent Huskins
1st 15:47SJSHitScott Nichol hit Cody McLeod
1st 16:05COLHitCody McLeod hit Torrey Mitchell
1st 16:29SJSHitManny Malhotra hit Kyle Cumiskey
1st 16:31SJSHitDouglas Murray hit Brandon Yip
1st 16:37SJSShotRob Blake Slap Shot
1st 17:15COLHitKyle Cumiskey hit Rob Blake
1st 17:37SJSShotDan Boyle Slap Shot
1st 17:52SJSShotPatrick Marleau Slap Shot
1st 18:13SJSShotJason Demers Wrist Shot
1st 19:04SJSShotRyane Clowe Wrist Shot
1st 19:08SJSShotRob Blake Backhand
1st 19:18SJSGoalManny Malhotra (1) Wrist Shot, assists: Dan Boyle (1)
1st 19:39COLShotMilan Hejduk Backhand
2nd 00:24COLGoalChris Stewart (2) Snap Shot, assists: Craig Anderson (1)
2nd 00:52COLHitMilan Hejduk hit Ryane Clowe
2nd 01:15SJSShotJoe Pavelski Tip-In
2nd 01:56COLHitRyan Wilson hit Scott Nichol
2nd 02:52COLHitMatt Hendricks hit Torrey Mitchell
2nd 02:59COLHitKyle Quincey hit Dany Heatley
2nd 03:43SJSGoalRob Blake (1) Slap Shot, assists: Joe Thornton (1), Patrick Marleau (1)
2nd 04:08COLGoalMilan Hejduk (1) Wrist Shot, assists: Matt Duchene (2), Brandon Yip (1)
2nd 04:26SJSHitScott Nichol hit Adam Foote
2nd 05:06COLHitJohn-Michael Liles hit Logan Couture
2nd 05:53SJSHitRob Blake hit TJ Galiardi
2nd 06:17COLHitTJ Galiardi hit Marc-Edouard Vlasic
2nd 06:30SJSShotDan Boyle Slap Shot
2nd 06:35SJSShotJoe Pavelski Wrist Shot
2nd 07:00SJSHitJoe Pavelski hit Scott Hannan
2nd 07:10SJSGoalDevin Setoguchi (1) Slap Shot, assists: Ryane Clowe (1), Joe Pavelski (1)
2nd 07:43SJSHitScott Nichol hit Darcy Tucker
2nd 08:14SJSHitJed Ortmeyer hit Kyle Cumiskey
2nd 08:16SJSHitScott Nichol hit Adam Foote
2nd 09:02COLHitCody McLeod hit Ryane Clowe
2nd 09:02SJSHitJoe Pavelski hit Ryan Wilson
2nd 09:13SJSHitManny Malhotra hit Kevin Porter
2nd 09:24COLHitCody McLeod hit Logan Couture
2nd 09:39SJSHitDouglas Murray hit Kevin Porter
2nd 09:55COLHitScott Hannan hit Manny Malhotra
2nd 10:49COLPenaltyPaul Stastny Cross checking against Jason Demers
2nd 11:17SJSShotDany Heatley Slap Shot
2nd 12:43SJSShotDevin Setoguchi Wrist Shot
2nd 12:59SJSHitRyane Clowe hit Scott Hannan
2nd 13:14SJSHitJed Ortmeyer hit Ryan Wilson
2nd 13:35SJSPenaltyRob Blake Kneeing against Matt Duchene
2nd 16:01COLHitAdam Foote hit Ryane Clowe
2nd 16:07SJSShotJoe Pavelski Wrist Shot
2nd 16:31COLHitRyan Wilson hit Jed Ortmeyer
2nd 16:48COLHitCody McLeod hit Dany Heatley
2nd 17:29COLShotMatt Duchene Wrist Shot
2nd 17:30COLGoalBrandon Yip (1) Wrist Shot, assists: Matt Duchene (3)
2nd 17:58SJSHitMarc-Edouard Vlasic hit Milan Hejduk
2nd 19:44SJSShotJed Ortmeyer Wrist Shot
2nd 19:45SJSGoalScott Nichol (1) Backhand, assists: Jed Ortmeyer (1)
2nd 20:00SJSPenaltyScott Nichol Roughing against Adam Foote
2nd 20:00COLPenaltyAdam Foote Roughing against Scott Nichol
3rd 00:32COLShotKyle Quincey Wrist Shot
3rd 00:40COLHitMatt Duchene hit Patrick Marleau
3rd 00:48SJSHitJoe Pavelski hit Kyle Quincey
3rd 01:05SJSShotJoe Pavelski Backhand
3rd 01:15SJSHitDan Boyle hit Ryan Wilson
3rd 01:30COLShotJohn-Michael Liles Wrist Shot
3rd 02:19SJSHitPatrick Marleau hit Ryan O'Reilly
3rd 02:39COLHitBrandon Yip hit Kent Huskins
3rd 03:27SJSShotRyane Clowe Wrist Shot
3rd 03:32SJSShotJoe Pavelski Tip-In
3rd 05:22SJSHitScott Nichol hit Ryan Wilson
3rd 05:34COLGoalChris Stewart (3) Wrist Shot, assists: Paul Stastny (3), Ryan Wilson (1)
3rd 05:45COLPenaltyRyan O'Reilly Tripping against Logan Couture
3rd 06:33SJSShotDevin Setoguchi Wrist Shot
3rd 07:17SJSShotJason Demers Wrist Shot
3rd 07:28SJSShotDany Heatley Wrist Shot
3rd 07:29SJSShotPatrick Marleau Wrist Shot
3rd 07:33SJSShotJoe Thornton Wrist Shot
3rd 08:01COLShotKyle Quincey Slap Shot
3rd 08:27SJSShotDevin Setoguchi Wrist Shot
3rd 08:28SJSPenaltyDevin Setoguchi Interference - Goalkeeper against Craig Anderson
3rd 09:51SJSPenaltyRob Blake Interference against TJ Galiardi
3rd 10:35COLShotChris Stewart Wrist Shot
3rd 11:33COLHitTJ Galiardi hit Patrick Marleau
3rd 13:01SJSHitDouglas Murray hit TJ Galiardi
3rd 13:27COLShotKyle Cumiskey Wrist Shot
3rd 13:56COLHitBrandon Yip hit Ryane Clowe
3rd 14:01COLHitKyle Cumiskey hit Devin Setoguchi
3rd 14:04COLHitKyle Cumiskey hit Devin Setoguchi
3rd 14:31SJSShotMarc-Edouard Vlasic Slap Shot
3rd 14:45COLHitChris Stewart hit Dan Boyle
3rd 15:03SJSShotDan Boyle Wrist Shot
3rd 15:31COLShotBrandon Yip Wrist Shot
3rd 15:33COLPenaltyBrandon Yip Slashing against Devin Setoguchi
3rd 15:38SJSShotJoe Pavelski Tip-In
3rd 15:43SJSShotDany Heatley Wrist Shot
3rd 15:59SJSHitJoe Pavelski hit Scott Hannan
3rd 16:44SJSShotManny Malhotra Slap Shot
3rd 16:50SJSShotRyane Clowe Slap Shot
3rd 17:34SJSShotRob Blake Wrist Shot
3rd 17:40SJSShotManny Malhotra Slap Shot
3rd 17:50SJSHitRyane Clowe hit TJ Galiardi
3rd 17:55COLHitMatt Duchene hit Devin Setoguchi
3rd 18:17COLShotChris Stewart Tip-In
3rd 19:27SJSShotDany Heatley Wrist Shot
3rd 19:28SJSGoalJoe Pavelski (1) Wrist Shot, assists: Dany Heatley (1), Joe Thornton (2)
1st OT 00:23COLShotPaul Stastny Wrist Shot
1st OT 00:40SJSShotRob Blake Wrist Shot
1st OT 01:37COLHitCody McLeod hit Douglas Murray
1st OT 01:53SJSHitDouglas Murray hit Cody McLeod
1st OT 02:07SJSShotTorrey Mitchell Wrist Shot
1st OT 02:14SJSHitTorrey Mitchell hit Cody McLeod
1st OT 02:19SJSShotScott Nichol Wrist Shot
1st OT 02:20SJSHitRob Blake hit TJ Galiardi
1st OT 03:12COLShotPaul Stastny Wrist Shot
1st OT 03:23COLShotMatt Duchene Wrist Shot
1st OT 03:52SJSShotDany Heatley Backhand
1st OT 04:04SJSHitDany Heatley hit Scott Hannan
1st OT 04:06COLShotMatt Duchene Wrist Shot
1st OT 04:07SJSHitScott Nichol hit Matt Duchene
1st OT 04:28COLPenaltyAdam Foote Interference against Jed Ortmeyer
1st OT 04:55SJSShotPatrick Marleau Tip-In
1st OT 05:22SJSGoalDevin Setoguchi (2) Tip-In, assists: Ryane Clowe (2), Dan Boyle (2)
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4J. LilesD0011015:33
9M. DucheneC0224019:44
10K. CumiskeyD10-12223:59
15M. HendricksL000008:01
16D. TuckerR000009:08
18S. YelleC0000013:57
22S. HannanD0000024:35
23M. HejdukR1012018:30
25C. StewartR2004018:00
26P. StastnyC01-13219:49
27K. QuinceyD0013025:00
32K. PorterC000008:00
37R. O'ReillyC0000218:56
39T. GaliardiL00-11022:44
44R. WilsonD0110014:21
52A. FooteD0000623:34
55C. McLeodL0000011:02
59B. YipR1122217:10
41C. Anderson4652.88565:22
3D. MurrayD00-10020:29
4R. BlakeD1005424:11
8J. PavelskiC1108223:49
12P. MarleauL01-15024:07
15D. HeatleyL01-15023:09
16D. SetoguchiR20-17220:39
17T. MitchellC000108:40
19J. ThorntonC02-12022:53
21S. NicholC1014212:03
22D. BoyleD0204030:59
27M. MalhotraC1003016:13
29R. CloweL0204021:12
39L. CoutureC000005:30
40K. HuskinsD00-10011:24
41J. OrtmeyerR011108:01
44M. VlasicD0002019:47
60J. DemersD00-11016:21
64J. McGinnL001008:11
20E. Nabokov1722.77364:34
scoring summary
1st Period
01:10COL Kyle Cumiskey (1) ASST: NONE 1 - 0 COL
19:18SJS PPG - Manny Malhotra (1) ASST: Dan Boyle (1) 1 - 1 Tie
2nd Period
00:24COL Chris Stewart (2) ASST: Craig Anderson (1) 2 - 1 COL
03:43SJS Rob Blake (1) ASST: Joe Thornton (1), Patrick Marleau (1) 2 - 2 Tie
04:08COL Milan Hejduk (1) ASST: Matt Duchene (2), Brandon Yip (1) 3 - 2 COL
07:10SJS Devin Setoguchi (1) ASST: Ryane Clowe (1), Joe Pavelski (1) 3 - 3 Tie
17:30COL Brandon Yip (1) ASST: Matt Duchene (3) 4 - 3 COL
19:45SJS Scott Nichol (1) ASST: Jed Ortmeyer (1) 4 - 4 Tie
3rd Period
05:34COL Chris Stewart (3) ASST: Paul Stastny (3), Ryan Wilson (1) 5 - 4 COL
19:28SJS Joe Pavelski (1) ASST: Dany Heatley (1), Joe Thornton (2) 5 - 5 Tie
1st OT Period
05:22SJS PPG - Devin Setoguchi (2) ASST: Ryane Clowe (2), Dan Boyle (2) 6 - 5 SJS
penalty summary
1st Period
05:17SJS Joe Pavelski  Interference against  Darcy Tucker
07:07COL Kyle Cumiskey  Holding against  Torrey Mitchell
11:00COL Adam Foote  Interference against  Logan Couture
17:25COL Chris Stewart  Too many men/ice - bench
2nd Period
10:49COL Paul Stastny  Cross checking against  Jason Demers
13:35SJS Rob Blake  Kneeing against  Matt Duchene
20:00COL Adam Foote  Roughing against  Scott Nichol
20:00SJS Scott Nichol  Roughing against  Adam Foote
3rd Period
05:45COL Ryan O'Reilly  Tripping against  Logan Couture
08:28SJS Devin Setoguchi  Interference on goalkeeper against  Craig Anderson
09:51SJS Rob Blake  Interference against  TJ Galiardi
15:33COL Brandon Yip  Slashing against  Devin Setoguchi
1st OT Period
04:28COL Adam Foote  Interference against  Jed Ortmeyer
shots by period
Team Stats
Power Plays0/42/7
Faceoff Wins3444
Blocked Shots3214
Penalty Minutes1610
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